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  • Rudolf Westend
    I totally support what you guys are doing here and ordered my signs. If you have large stickers I’ll put them on all the trucks for Red Deer Towing Company at if you think that’ll help. We support you either way, spreading word!
  • Justin Cooke
    We need properly funded public institutions to advance the education of our populace and the end the reliance on resource development. Cutting funding opens the door to allow our tax-funded schools to increase the ratio of international students (who pay significantly higher tuition) which does nothing for those who pay the taxes in the first place.
  • Carla Horne
    PSE is critical to the future of our society and needs to be properly funded. If AB Govt wants to diversify the economy, we need PSIs operating at full capacity, so this critical work can be done.
  • Bron Iman
    As a university student, I am fully against tuition increases and cuts to education funding. This needs to stop and the UCP need to be held accountable for their negligent actions.
  • menno klassen
    Advanced education is an investment in Alberta’s future which will lead to diversification which is essential for growth and our economy.
  • menno klassen
  • L K